My attitude……

Of gratitude!

So cheesy eh?

Visiting the horses at Salmon Lake Resort  campsite in British Columbia

I am not an expert on much except  putting my bra on inside out. One thing I can tell you is changing my attitude changed my life.
Once upon a time I felt terrible, I had not hit rock bottom but I was slipping.  Feeling as though you have nothing left to lose is not a good feeling right?
Have you ever been V.I.P. at your own pity party?  I have no money, no friends, Beyonce is prettier than me, I am going nowhere in my life etcetera. Many of us have been there. Something needed to change.
Me. I needed to change.

What happened? I started to think of everything that was bad in my life. That was a deep dark path of no good, so I asked myself what was good in my life.
I was like ” hey me, is there anything good going on “? And to my surprise me said “yeah you know what we had a walk yesterday we are pretty grateful for our legs, oh and hey we have a bed to sleep in that’s amazing. We have air going in and out of our face holes. We are very grateful for that”!
Just like that I realized when I thought I have nothing  I can always have gratitude. I began listing everything I could possibly be grateful for.
My hands, the cashier that was kind to me, coffee, not falling down the stairs, running water, that magny cat I petted last week….
As quickly as my pity had piled up my gratitude piled higher. It snowballed into a the most beautiful feeling I had ever felt.
Now years later my attitude of gratitude rules my life. It is my tool for success and happiness. Sounds easy because it is if you decide it is.  There are many factors that effect our happiness. For myself gratitude is a great start. Find gratitude in the little things.

Try it out, I dare you. Write down five things that you are grateful for.

Today I  am grateful for …..

I would love to hear the little things that you are grateful for? How do you bring gratitude into your life ?

  Gratitude for the ocean that I love so deeply.

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