3 Baby shower gifts for mom.

We all love the cute unicorn onesie and the hipster baby shoes but

how about spoiling mom to be! 

1. Six weeks of joy

They say the first six weeks after baby comes are the most intense. Moms body hurts, she is tired and emotional, her nipples resemble chapped lips of a Everst climber. And she has a miniature human to keep alive. So what would be my ideal gift?
How about 6 special boxs of joy mommy can look forward to opening each week.
You can never give too much self care products (bubble bath!) And every box should include treats!  Scroll to the bottom of the page for some inspiration.

2. Boob box

Nothing can prepare a new mom for the epic adventure of breastfeeding . A few basic supplies can help. Also chocolate.

  • Lanolin for cracked sore nipples
  • Nursing pads for milk leaks.
  • Super comfy  nursing top  
  • Nipple shield, she may never need it but if she does it saves her an exhausting trip to the drugstore. 
  • Nursing snacks, she will need a million. Lactation cookies and Mothers Milk tea are great options. 

3. Gift Certificates

Let mom buy herself something! I surveyed a group of new moms and gift certificates was hands down the most desirable gift. Food delivery, cleaning services, nursing clothing, photo development, yard maintenance, pre paid Visa or Amazon. Anything she can do from her couch. Home made is great too why not write your own G.C’s for something you can offer mom such as house cleaning, food preparation, or baby snuggling!

Six weeks of joy inspiration.

Week 1: Bubble or sitz bath, candy, electrolyte drinks, slippers, dry shampoo, super comfy lounge pants.

Week 2 : Natural body wash, chocolate, bath salts, throw blanket, pre-made protein drinks.

Week 3.  Natural body lotion, meal delivery gift card, hot chocolate or  coffee, travel cup for her stroller.

Week 4: Her favorite magazines or books, face mask, hair clips, protein bars.

Week 5: Local cafe gift certificate, foot scrub, picture frame, seasonal accessorie: toque or sunglasses 

Week 6: Baby friendly jewelry, lip gloss, mom and babe ruber ducks, single serving of her favorite alcohol drink, journal.

Body care products should be natural and not to smelly for baby.
Don’t forget the best gift you can give a new mom is your love and support.  Be there for her. Bring her food, keep her company, fold her laundry. Even if you are busy take the time to check in and ask her how she is doing.

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