Camping with Baby

Camping on Gabriola Island

Planning a camping trip with your baby? You may have a few questions.

Last summer my husband and I decided to take our four month old baby on a few camping trips. Check out our pro tips.

First you will want to pack for camping. Next put your baby safely in the carseat and go camping.

Hopefully this answers all your questions on how to camp with a baby.

One thing we found helpful was not sunburning the baby. Our girl was to tiny for sunscreen so instead we used adorable little baby hats and baby clothes. Sun suits that provide SPF coverage are amazing. A shade tent for baby is extremely helpful for hot beach days.

For chilly nights we dressed baby warm.

Use a pregnancy or regular pillow to create a barrier between you and baby if your worried about rolling onto the baby. That would be bad. A travel baby bed is great too.

A first aid kit is a good idea for any situation.

Know where you are going. If you are heading somewhere remote it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the area. Is there a hospital or clinic? Are the coyotes friendly or eaty? Do they have potable water? Is there cell range?

One rule we have is we always keep one cell phone charging in case of emergency.

Bring your boobs. Babies love boobs! If you don’t feed with your boobs bring formula.

A baby carrier is a must . A pic nic blanket or tarp that can get dirty is important so baby can play on the ground.

You can never bring to many diapers or wipes.

To clean the cute little babè you have three options

  • 1. Wipe clean with warm cloth.
  • 2. Use a small tub and fill with warm water ( see recipe below)
  • 3. My favorite is a shower bag. A black bag with a shower nozzle. Always check the temperature before use.

There you have it. Camping with a baby is just like regular camping only with less sex, and instead of beer cans outside your tent there are diapers. Stinky stinky diapers.

Super cute baby daddy

How to make warm bath water

  • Boil water until boiling
  • Mix with equal parts cool water
  • Check temperature before adding babies

Rocking her sun suit from MEC during her first ferry ride.

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